Some Tips To Increase Your Symbian Phone’s Battery Life

May 12, 2008 at 6:02 pm Leave a comment

Battery life is a pretty serious problem when it comes to smartphones so every small increase might help. First of all I’d like to start with rumor that isn’t true (my opinion…) Some say that the theme you are using can affect the battery life. This sound kind of absurd to me but if you’re interested in this topic you can read some opinions here. A fact is that if you set the light sensor power high, your battery will last less but it’s not theme dependant.

Here are some other useful tips:

  • Press and hold the menu button. A task manager will appear. The less applications are started the better, because running extra applications makes your battery last less then usually.
  • Restart your phone from time to time
  • Don’t switch bluetooth on unless you use it.
  • Set your Power saver time-out to 1 minute
  • Of course I don’t have to say that you have to use original batteries šŸ™‚

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