gPhone – Software Or Device?

November 5, 2007 at 12:06 pm 1 comment

google.jpgMany things have been said about the gPhone, but nothing is sure for now. It should look like the iPhone, with a big wide screen and probably with just a few buttons.

It is certain that Google will have all of its software an facilities incorporated in the phone but they keep postponing the release of the actual project. Maybe they want it to be perfect. Well, something is sure, at least they said so, that it ‘ll be cheaper then the iPhone.

Some of the Photoshop enthusiast have made some futuristic designs how the phone could look and there’s an image circulating on the web which is supposedly a ‘leaked’ image of the phone.


Wow! This thing looks great! I love the design!

Well, here are some images that I found when I looked for the phone on the web:





Great designs, guys, but I honestly don’t believe that it was worth it for you to spend your time on things like this, because if Google keeps doing this, it will probably never appear.


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